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Welcome to Seeding Community — a bi-weekly resource tending to the relational soil of our PNW community: nurturing supportive care & authentic belonging, embodied healing & spiritual growth, and our collective liberation & remembrance of our interdependence with our land.

WE — Aloysious and Jordan, with support and in partnership with We Are U Productions, view this as a social community experiment. In that spirit, we have found ourselves asking and exploring questions like:

  • What is possible when we help our community—all the weavings of relationships, gatherings, and beings that make up our collective—see itself, and ourselves in it?

  • What role can systems design, communications, and storytelling play in our community’s sense of belonging, accessibility, and inclusion?

  • What opportunities could this newsletter open up for each of us in meeting our needs, sharing our gifts, and realizing our dreams?

  • What rhythms, rituals, and resources could further support our individual, relational, and collective healing?


So with that framing, and lots of care, we welcome you into the Seeding Community newsletter experience. Thank you for joining us in this experiment and adventure ahead!

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Seeding Community Welcome Video 

About Aloysious


Aloysious is deeply committed to re-indigenizing & decolonizing our way of being collectively. As a queer, Autistic, life giver/parent, humxn of South African and Indigenous descent, and anti-war veteran, She's passionate about sharing from the wisdom of her survivorship, to move along side folx in our collective transformation/healing that is underway.

About Jordan 


About Jordan — “Jordan is a weaver, bridge-builder and community dreamer. He believes that communities and relationships that cultivate a deep sense of belonging around our authenticity, integrity, and interdependence is the medicine we are yearning for today. He sees our present crises within ourselves, our communities, and our interconnection with nature as a call to both remember and reimagine — to reconnect and reintegrate all our parts back into right relationship and wholeness.”

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