U Productions is a company that brings visions into form, channeling our communities expertise, talent, creation, and executed craft into potent events and potent businesses.


U Productions was founded to bring visions into form, art into reach, and strengths into focus. From channeling our community’s expertise, talent, creation, and executed crafts into potent events and potent businesses, U Productions is able to bridge the gap between economic success and spiritual regeneration.

We produce conscious events and media content that is centered around art, music, education, authentic connection, and supporting healthy lifestyles and communication. In addition, U Productions is dually focused on business and brand development, providing individuals and businesses with state of the art brand management, brand creation, online course development, photography and videography. 


U Productions is born from celebration.

Our story began three years ago in 2018. Our co-founder Shoshana Glickman was turning 21, and our founder Aliko was assigned to throw her a birthday party. And what a birthday party it was. A birthday party quickly became a festival called Spring into Community. Located in Duvall, Washington, change-makers, musicians, artists, dancers, and speakers interlinked by friendship banded together for a weekend of celebration, love, and joy. This event would, in the next year, become Expansion Festival 2019, where that same group of friends gathered once again to spread their gifts to a wider audience.


U Productions, born out of the magic of Expansion 2019 was envisioned from its success. 

Quickly following, came the Village Events, Avant Gardens Tasting Parties, Expansion Festival Thought Leaders Party, and several house concerts featuring bands like Earth Practice, Ahaly Blakely, and Wolfchild. 

Where it began | Spring into Community 2018

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Our events inspire joy, creativity and expression, and transform culture. Creating a world that we are all proud to live in. 

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